The HIIT Games is a competition that incorporates movements that you do at bootcamps/functional fitness classes/circuits to test your strength, endurance and mental determination.

If you’ve been training at any of the above, you’re ready for the challenge to test what you’re made of!

This competition is for all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you want to be crowned the HITTest person in Auckland or just have fun challenging yourself on the day, there is something for everyone.The competition consists of 2 blocks of HIIT work. Cardio and Strength. Each block will give you a score when completed. The person with the highest combined score wins.


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Everyone can do burpees. Everyone can do pushups. But the questions is how fast can you do them?


Our to-be-released strength HIIT game will incorporate movements with set weights for male/female. Move through the exercises as fast as you can to get on top of the leaderboard.

What to expect from the HIIT GAMES?

“What to expect from the hiit games?”




Make sure you filled out the waiver that has been emailed to you before arriving. Get your starter pack with your score sheet.


Choose your course

There are two challenges on the day: A cardio focused course and a strength focused course. In order to be crowned the hiitest person in Auckand you will need to fast AND strong. It is up to you which course you start first!


The course!

You’ll have a trainer walking you through the course and counting reps for you. The courses will be released closer to the start of the HIIT games but not the amount of reps for each movement. The trainer will also penalise you for reps that aren’t done perfectly, so watch your form! Get through the stations and complete your reps as fast as you can to claim a spot on stage.

Each course will be about 20 mins long!


Stick around!

After you’ve finished both courses you will receive a medal for finishing the HIIT games! Stick around to support your friends and other people that are competing in the HIIT Games. We’re having lots of spot prizes to give away and prize giving is around midday!

So get ready…

To have a goal to motivate yourself to workout harder.

To see how your fitness compares to others.

To see “how fit” you are.

To get inspired by others.

To get mentally tougher.

To have fun with other HIITers.

To compete to win.

To get a cool medal.

To get cool free stuff.

To have fun in an AWESOME way.

To win an awesome prize.

To see how strong and fit you are.

To boost your confidence.

To get an INSANE workout.

To earn bragging rights on social media.

We have a limited of 100 participants so sign up now!

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Schedule and location:


The event is on Saturday, November 28th from 8:00am – 12:30pm and will be held at the Transformation Fitness Centre. 7/260 Apirana Ave, Glen Innes.

Competitors compete on a first come, first serve basis.

After 11:30am no new competitors can start the courses.

At the end of the competition, winners will be announced and awards will be given.

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