Established 2010

The Transformation Fitness Centre is a science driven group fitness program.

Designed to get you in shape the fastest way possible whilst having fun and support along the way!

Meet the owners

Coach Fred and Lavinia

We’ve been running indoor classes for 10 years around here but we’ve been in our current space for the last three (we were just round the corner previous to this and at the Gymnastics Club before that). Our class structure hasn’t changed much from day 1, which goes to show how fun and effective our workouts are. We both have a passion for helping people reach their goals. Nothing beats the smile on peoples’ faces when their hard work has paid off!

Coach Kelly

Over 4 years experience in running classes PLUS our head coach for the older population.

Coach Mike

3 years experience of running group fitness classes plus currently studying to become a chiropractor.

Coach Matt

Over 6 years experience in running classes and personal training.

Coach Cody

4 years experience as emotional support dog. Like to sleep on the job. IS a good boy!