Here at the Transformation Fitness Centre we love to train barefoot!

About 80% of our members train without shoes and are stronger then ever before.

Now of course we have a great soft floor reducing the impact of jumping and we won’t discourage anybody who joins to not wear their shoes if that’s what makes them more comfortable.

The problem with modern footwear is that it decreases one’s ability to use their toes.

If we’re never experiencing load through the toes and the forefoot and you’re never feeling your feet you’re going to lose that.

The ability to use your toes is important because they dampen force.

You see, modern shoes often squeeze your toes and minimize the use of your toes therefore your body becomes accustomed to not needing them.

Just imagine wearing restrictive gloves on your hands your whole life and what that would do to your fingers…

To help regain and maintain capacity to use the toes, we would recommend you making “toe circles”.

This basically involves spreading the toes apart and moving the big toe and other toes up and down independently of each other, all while keeping the rest of the foot relatively still.

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