Crush your goals like a rocket!

Imagine a guided a missile ?

It knows its target.

And, it knows whether it’s on track to hit that target or not.

And then it constantly (!) readjusts its trajectory to get back on target whenever it’s off target.

Repeat. Again and again.

Boom! Target hit.

That’s called a “servo-mechanism” and the science behind it is called “cybernetics” (which comes from a Greek word that means “the steersman”).

Moral of the analogy?

We need to have a clear target. (The #1 rule of goal setting is to have a specific, challenging yet doable goal!)

Then we launch the missile by taking action. (After a certain point, we can’t THINK our way to more clarity. We need to Ready Fire Aim and get data!)

From there, the missile uses its mechanical “senses” (whether that’s radar or sonar or heat or whatever) to stay on target (they call that “positive feedback”).

When it’s not on target, it gets “negative feedback” and simply adjusts its course so it’s BACK on track.

Same with us.

What’s your target?

You on track?

What’s working? (Positive feedback!)

What needs work? (Negative feedback!)

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