What is your Kryptonite?

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With the New Years resolutions in full effect I always get asked the same question:

What do I need to eat to lose weight? 🤔

My response: before you start adding countless foods to your diet you first need to stop eating the poison. Stop eating the toxic stuff that’s triggering all the things in your body that you don’t want. 🤢

If you continue to eat foods that are triggering a toxic response🤮, it won’t matter how much broccoli 🥦🥦🥦 you eat to try and compensate for it.

It’s like Superman who is vulnerable to big chunks of Kryptonite. It immediately drains him of his power. 📉

His only way to regain his power? 📈 To stay clear from Kryptonite.

So what is your Kryptonite? ❓

⚠️ What unhealthy foods (and drinks) should you get rid of so you can feel more energised?

Make a top 3 list:

Now be committed to get rid of your Kryptonite in 2018!

You got this👊

Coach Fred

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