What do you care?

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👉 FACT: Success in reaching your fitness goals are determined by what you care about.

So I created a list that shows what cares to have (or not) in order to reach your goals.

If you follow this advice, I guarantee you’ll live a healthier life! 👊

⬇️ Care less about results. ⬆️ Care more about putting in the work.

⬇️ Care less about problems. ⬆️ Care more about making progress despite them.

⬇️ Care less about what other people think. ⬆️ Care more about who you want to be and what you want to do.

⬇️ Care less about doing it right. ⬆️ Care more about doing it at all.

⬇️ Care less about failure. ⬆️ Care more about success.

⬇️ Care less about timing. ⬆️ Care more about the task.

⚠️ Care most about what you can do RIGHT NOW

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