Want to debug your brain?

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Our minds are the product of thousands of repeated lessons, good and bad, true and false, accurate and inaccurate. 📚📊

These have been ingrained as mental ‘loops’ that can be positive (I like to exercise) or negative (I will never find true love). They can be constructive (I should spend money responsibly) or destructive (I would be happier if I had a drink).

We need to replace the negative repeating loops 😥 with positive repeating loops 😁.

But first, we need to find the bugs.🔍

Best way to do that?

Look for the parts of your life that just aren’t quite working the way you want. 🤔

Is it your health? Relationships? Money? Career? Depression? Anxiety? Addiction(s)? 🕵️‍♀️

What part of your life is a little off?

Got it? Now dig into that. 👷‍♂️

What thoughts do you have about that subject? 💬

What negative repeating looping story are you telling yourself? 😟

For example, perhaps your health is off and you say things like, “I hate to exercise.” or “I should be able to eat whatever I want.” or “There’s nothing I can do; I just have bad genes.” or whatever. 😈

Those are the bugs we need to debug.🧠💪

➡️ Here’s one way of doing that ⬅️

Step outside yourself and imagine chatting with someone whose wisdom you really respect. What would they say about your challenges? 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

💯 Good news: That wisdom is already within you. We just need to consistently tap into it! 💯

Then, we take that negative loop and swap it with the positive one. 📉➡️📈

“I hate exercising” becomes “Exercise helps me feel energized.” or even (gasp!) “I love exercising!” 😁😊

So… What’s your old and new?




Awesome. Do more of that. 👌

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