Get high fives and have fun with a fast-paced interval training program that tests how far you are willing to push yourself.


Whether you are a novice or an expert, the exercises are easily modified to challenge your fitness level.


Only 45 minutes of high intensity working out that can fit into anyone’s schedule. Just show up, work hard, and you’re done.



  • I can’t believe that it has been nearly 1 year since I discovered this place. I have enjoyed every session. Fred is amazing. The workouts are short and effective and tailored to fit ability. Fred keeps every session interesting and challenging and gently encourages us to push ourselves. This is the best thing I have done for myself. Highly recommended

    Vidhya M
  • My wife and I love the Transformation Centre's for both the culture and the results. Fred (the owner and head trainer) is very hands on, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. My wife lost a lot of weight and put on muscle under Fred's guidance, along with gaining much needed confidence and structure to improve. Fred helped her to find a diet that worked but that still felt indulgent. The Transformation Centre became a safe and fun place to go. I love going because it has made me feel strong and proud of my fitness. Areas that were lacking have become defined, my core strength and balance is there and so I can feel confident all day. It's also a fantastic place to unwind from work and burn off the stress.

    Tom L.
  • Fantastic classes that really bring results! I am in my mid to late forties and have always been active and a regular at the gym. Since joining The Transformation Centre 18 months ago I have managed to shed that remaining stubborn belly fat and have developed cored strength and flexibility beyond what I ever imagined. Highly recommended
    Nick M
  • Awesome workouts just 45 minute sessions and no two workouts are the same. Great mix of cardio and strength. I have been going for about 18 months which is way longer than any other gym or classes I have ever done. Coach Fred is a great motivator and everyone works out at their own pace.

    Anna D
  • Changed my life. Went from 3 days a week to a 6 days a week addict. Had to get my daily fix from coach Fred. Cant recommend this place enough. And wow did I meet some awesome people there too.

    Louise D
  • Love the classes & the environment! I’m definitely not a gym person & TC offers something completely different that I hugely enjoy.

    Annaliese A
  • Life changing, motivating,never boring, welcoming..don't think twice!!

    Maree G
  • Been going for 3 plus years and cannot imagine going anywhere else. Total workout everyday and Fred is awesome.

    David Q



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